FLP-7-V/3+1 Combined Lightning and Surge Arrester

FLP-7-V/3+1 Combined Lightning and Surge Arrester

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Lightning Current Arresters



SPD type 1 and type 2

4-pole (3+NPE) arrester for 3-phase TT (TNS) networks Total Iimp= 25 kA (10/350) Varistor lightning and surge current arresters and heavy duty encapsulated spark gap connected in the mode 3+1. To be installed in low-voltage distributions at the boundary of LPZ0B and LPZ 1 zones to protect distributions and equipment against the overvoltage effects induced during a lightning strike and to prevent switching overvoltage. Optional remote status signalling – version „S“. * Version UC =385 V available on request

Technical data



Nominal voltage Un

230 V AC


Maximum operating voltage Uc

275 V AC

255 V AC

Nominal discharge current (8/20 μs)/pole In

30 kA

30 kA

Maximum discharge current (8/20 μs)/pole Imax

60 kA

60 kA

Lighting impulse current (10/350 μs)/pole Iimp

7 kA

25 kA

Voltage protection level Up

1,2 kV

1,5 kV

Voltage protection level (L - PE) Up

1,5 kv

Response time ta

25 ns

100 ns

Ability to independently switch off the following current If

no following current

100 A

Short-circuit proof at maximum overcurrent protection

50 kArms


Maximum overcurrent protection

160 A gL/gG


Degree of protection

IP 20

IP 20

Range of operating temperatures

– 40 °C … + 80 °C

– 40 °C … + 80 °C

Mounting on

DIN rail 35 mm

DIN rail 35 mm